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Taste Testers

Hi Kris!  We LOVE your coffee!  It is so delicious and makes our morning...we will order more for sure! 


We were just out there visiting and my brother served us some of your Cheyenne Blend coffee - one of the best coffees I've ever had! I wanted to order 4 bags of the Cheyenne Blend, ground, for Gary as a gift. Good luck with your coffee. It really is terrific.

Denise B.

My wife and I are always happy with Cheyenne Coffee Company coffee. The Sumatran is bold and aromatic, the flavor can’t be beat. We get the whole bean and nothing is better the smell of freshly ground coffee beans.


I have to leave my thoughts here. I LOVE the Mexican Chiapas coffee. I get the beans because I like to grind them as I need them … seems fresh. You got to try this ... I can't say enough how good it is. :) It makes me happy every morning.   


I visited my mother in law in Cheyenne over the Thanksgiving holiday. I picked up some of your coffee at the mall. The breakfast blend is wonderful.

Angela G.


Cheyenne Coffee Company has made my coffee business better than ever. Bill and Kris are very attentive to my needs and always go above and beyond whether it's my weekly coffee order or a small bag of my house coffee. I am so grateful to them for taking such excellent care of me and helping my business run smoothly. Cheyenne Coffee Company has customer service you can count on and an excellent product you can believe in! My customers and I LOVE Cheyenne Coffee Company!
Leigh Anne McGill Espress Oh! Wheatland, WY

Having a local roaster for Coffee Depot was a must, and I am so glad I found Cheyenne Coffee Company. Not only is the name fitting to be served in a new Cheyenne coffee shop, but their dedication to delicious roasts each and every time is superb! Coffee Depot wouldn't be the same without the amazing coffee we are able to serve. I cannot count how many times customers have expressed how wonderful the coffee is and even stated "best coffee in Cheyenne". Many thanks to Bill and Kris at Cheyenne Coffee Company for all they do.
Crystal Shearer, Coffee Depot



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