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Sampler Pack

Unsure of what coffee you would like?

This pack offers you a choice of three 3 oz. coffees. Try these for traveling, or make a gift basket. Pair our coffee with your favorite chocolate. Our 3 oz. bags will fit inside most coffee cups. Each small bag will brew approximately 2 pots of coffee.

All packages consist of ground beans.
These coffees are not shipped in a fancy gift box,
but that option is currently in the planning stages.

Cheyenne Pack - $15.00

Shipping for each pack will add the shipping cost of one 12 oz. bag to each order.

Printable Order Form

Cheyenne Pack
Your choice - 3 of the following coffees:
Coffee Choice 1
Coffee Choice 2
Coffee Choice 3

Cheyenne Blend
Breakfast Blend
Colombian Decaf
Costa Rican
Mexican Chiapas
Rwandan (Temporarily Unavailable)


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